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issues. as for the one child policy, vice president biden's, i'd -- governor romney, sometime go on china, which i would say 99% about the threats that china posed, it was unbalanced but the only specific area i remember on human rights he emphasized was the one child program, which struck me as a curious, particular violation to single out among the many problems, perhaps reflecting a political agenda. >> you get my final question. a few days after our presidential election here in the united states, china will be transitioning to a new leadership. the new generation of leaders will guide china probably through the next decade. if given a second term to how does president obama see the opportunities in the transition? what measures with the president propose to take the new heads of state relationship? >> well, president obama reached out to hu jintao right after president obama was elected. and right after he took office. he's met with hu jintao more than any previous president had met with a counterpart. they have met something upwards of a dozen times. many phone calls. i'm sure that
coverage here on c-span2. later can we join republican presidential nominee mitt romney and his running mate, congressman paul ryan for a campaign rally in colorado. see it live starting at 9:05 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> it's time now for our lightning round. we're going to ask questions that can questions that can only be answered with the words yes or no by the candidates. we'll ask both candidates to refrain from explanations or maybe anything except a yes or no. >> senator, would you like or going to be starting with you, forgive me. would like to be if elected senate majority leader? >> would i like to be senate majority leader? sure. [laughter] >> senator? >> yes. spent in islam, have you fire a gun or rifle within the last year? >> yes. >> senator? >> no. >> is andrew cuomo the best new york governor in your lifetime? >> no. >> senator? >> i'm going to say his term is not finished but his father was. [laughter] >> very good. ms. long, have you read and "fifty shades of grey"? [laughter] >> no. >> me neither for the record. [laughter] >> ms. long -- >> this month lea
cain. and what happened, obama got elected this time. i'm not taking any chances. i'm voting for romney because i'm sorry, i can relate to the third party supporters now, but let's get realistic here. a third party vote, most of them are conservative. let's face it. a third party vote is a vote for obama so you better vote for romney. >> i started off voting for obama and was going to be voting for obama, but after watching this debate i feel like there was more common sense in the first 30 minutes of this debate and there has been the entire main street fiasco. so i would be voting for the independent. i will support kerry johnson. >> i'm between kerry johnson and jill steinberg of the choice to choose rocky then i would probably choose rocky because i like his template that i didn't understand or know him until this debate. >> people that are voting for the third party candidates are just taking away a vote from either democrat or republican. and they're just wasting their time doing it because it will be one of the two in office. >> i've learned more and i've heard -- more of my questions have
if obama win, if romney win, who would be secretary of defense, how this would -- it's not the same, there's a little bit of factional stuff going on, but it really matters who the people are, personnel or policy basically. is it completely off the radar screen? does it matter at all in chinese politics? >> i can talk a little bit about that. i mean, one of the things we are, we are definitely seeing at least the party's at least stating that they're trying to make themselves more institutionalized, more bureaucratic and their responsibilities shifting from a personality-based system to one that's more bureaucratic, institutionalized, professional. and so at least in terms of what's being said, the argument personalities should matter less. now, whether or not -- we all know that it's nice to say those things. whether or not that's the reality, i don't know. but from the perspective of party guidance to the military, party guidance to its own cadres, the idea that the purpose of the party is to essentially help china move into a certain national development level and the way we're going to
become. two weeks from today he will be former president and mitt romney will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we can do better than this. we do not have to settle for this. we don't have to settle 23 million americans looking for work or 11.8% unemployment in nevada. or the underwater mortgages. . .
debate romney has done better and it is a group i think democrats are worried about. if you look down women now are critical democrats hope that works to their advantage they recruited a lot of women candidates for their hoping to increase democratic women in the senate this year. >> is critical in the house but which will amend the? might argue there is no women approach. married women? single women? independent minority? there are huge disparities just as there are with different denominations. what you need to watch it is a white voters without a college education. . .
. if it is governor romney he needs to have leadership and the business community has to agree to a deal and. >> moderator: let's move to the moderator discussion. mr. wade you talk about small business about men but if you look at the polls from the "wall street journal" the small business community does not have faith we will avoid a deep recession. they're not making plans for expansion hiring going into next year. how can small business be a part of it at all? >> they are part of the solution when we bring common-sense to washington. . .
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7